House of Hackea: Beautiful products that enhance

I founded House of Hackea in late 2021. The business, based on the borders of London & Hertfordshire, UK, was born with a clear vision to offer affordable luxury without compromising on my ethical values, either in business practices, methods, or materials.

Much like a flame taking hold on a candle wick, the business which started as an enthusiast hobby from my kitchen table, quickly grew and now proudly operates from a bespoke artisan studio, with a dedicated team fulfilling orders from across the world.

Much of this success is down to my previous professional expertise with luxury brands as well as my unwavering commitment to only using vegan, non-toxic methods, and sustainable ingredients, handcrafted into beautiful products that enhance, rather than harm, the environment.  A commitment crystallised when my daughter suffered the ill effects of parabens and toxics released from mass produced candles.

House of Hackea is very passionate about the power of hand-crafted fragranced products, to enhance wellbeing, evoke old memories and to ignite new ones, and to transform every house into a stylish home.

Owning one of our products adds a subtle elegance to your home interior, one that envelopes your senses, in the words of Elizabeth Taylor “The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart, … and hopefully someone else’s.”

Love, Maya x


We are big on producing superior quality fragranced products - which like decadent chocolate or a glass of Champagne - we believe is up there with the most special things in the world. For us, fragrance is more than simply a pleasant smell, it is an experience, with scents that whisk you along the shores of Maldives, or remind you of a happy memory. 

To get the full experience of our fragrances, we recommend ensuring that you are very comfortable and in a safe space. Then, following our instructions (and adhering to our safety tips), close your eyes and breathe; let your mood take you on a magical journey of scents. Sit back and relax as you let every scent note slowly wash over you - whether it be amber, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, musk or a ripe strawberry, or the gentle sea breeze on an incredible beach. Now when you are ready, open your eyes, you’ll surely feel like you have just had an incredible adventure! 

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